Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anger...or lack there of

We as people are always susceptible to be angry. And many of us think its perfectly fine to be angry. I however do not like to be angry, I hate how it makes me feel and how I react to it. Some times when I'm angry or harboring anger, I snap at the people closest to me, which is usually my family. And I honestly do not like to put them through that level of stress. To be snapped at for no reason, even though I apologize afterwards, it doesn't make it better.

I've been reading and trying to become a person who can better handle anger. Someone who can recognize their anger, and deal with it properly without lashing out at other people. This may seem like an easy task however its not as easy as it seems. And I've realized that I cannot do it alone. I've found a reading plan on Anger, I've finished reading through it however I may reread it. I'm a work in progress and consistently working on my weaknesses so that they are not so weak.

Eventually anger won't be a weakness for me. Soon I'll be able to see anger coming and move myself right out the way so that it does not affect me or allow me to take it out on others.

Monday, March 28, 2011

God & this World...

In this world, there are so many people who misconstrue the word of God and even more so try to put their own "spin" on it. The word of God is just that His word. And there is no changing it, there is no adding to it, no subtracting from it. People need to understand that in loving God you accept everything He sets forth for you to do, even the things your flesh you does not like.

Almost everything that will ever be required of God's people can be backed up by scripture. The only question is do you have the sense to pray for a clear understanding of what you are supposed to be doing and of what you are supposed to be reading.

And even more so in this society, beware of those spraying judgment everywhere, not everyone was given the gift of judgment. Its actually rare that you find someone with that gift. You must also beware of those that say "thus said the lord" because many times they have no clue what the lord said or they are making a grave mistake, in saying "thus said the lord" and they are distorting what the lord actually is saying.

Just pray when you have no clue, and when you need understanding.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Government!

Okay now I must address something that has been bothering me for a little while now.
The American government seems to always butt into everyone else's affairs and because of it we, American citizens have paid the price. This goes as afar back as the different wars this country has been involved in.

Now we once again going to suffer. Yes I understand the natural catastrophes that other countries are enduring are just that natural. We does the American government have to jump on its high horse and play Captain America! I mean really they are sending out hard earned money over seas to help other countries, when THIS country needs all its money! How can you send money to another country while trying to cut healthcare spending?! That's unfair to us, American citizens, who pay our taxes & need that healthcare!
At first I was very fond of helping other countries, but I cannot be as such anymore when we have people who are homeless, with no food to eat & no clothes to wear. And this government is worried about another country who can provide for its own citizens!

I just really wish the American government would stop worrying about other countries & their problems. And start focusing on the American people & this countries problems!

Love Is

What is love to you?
Are you so encompassed in it that your eyes still twinkle? I think everyone deserves to be loved. Especially by someone who looks at you as though they adore you & only you. And THEY ACTUALLY DO.

I honestly believe that romantic relationships exist and last because people fall in the first time but then they fall in love all over again. And that keeps the spark in the relationship. That's why people still have the adoration and twinkle eyes because they still have that first falling in love feeling.

Its the simple things. A love note can make your mate fall in love with you all over again. I tend to write my husband love notes about once a week, just so he feels like I'm really thinking of him, that I am in love with him.

Love is being able to fall in love with the same person all over again, each time knowing their flaws & faults and still loving them anyways. It's the being there no matter what for every tear & every smile.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its Sunday!!!!!

Just wanted to say have a blessed day! Everyday that we live we are blessed with another chance to do greatness & to give ourselves to God. So be thankful God had grace & mercy on you. 

It's always a blessing to be a blessing. So a way to honor God is to be a blessing or of a help to someone else. Let them see the God in you by doing something good for them without expecting anything in return.

I am ever so grateful for each day that I wake up...that my family wakes up.
So make today great!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I love this city yet I hate this city!
It's my hometown... We have the Bulls, the Bears & the White Sox. But we also have young men who are gang affiliated & whom destroy our city. They shoot up our city & make it completely unsafe. Chicago is beautiful yet one of the most dangerous cities in this country.
Here I am in my living room with my family, and I hear gun shots. And the first thing to come to my mind is how pathetic these kids are. They have no lives that they want to preserve so they shoot only to end up shot. And on top of that, they are making the summer become synonymous with violence. People try to say guns kill people when really its People with guns kill People. And that's the problem, people are being cowards and using guns to fight their battles. This problem is a literal epidemic.

I really wish there was more that could be done about it but there isn't. The police aren't doing much to contain it. And the only thing I am willing do is pray & turn it over to God. Which may not seem like much but it is the best thing that can be done. God is the only person who can make these young men/kids stop what they are doing and remove them.


Okay as a mom of a curious three year old. My life is always busy at the least. Especially with us recently deciding to take her out of daycare because she was being bullied. Now my days are filled with making sure she's learning something new & reiterating what she's already learned everyday.
However now that I'm homeschooling her, she's actually spelling her name which she didn't learn until my husband and I taught her. She also is learning to write her name and identify her letters as well as objects that start with those letters. Such as A is for apple or D is for Dora.

Honestly I am extremely proud of her for learning and myself for teaching her. I now understand the level of patience teachers have. We are planning to keep homeschooling her either until we find a school we like or until this fall when she will be four and can attend regular preschool. I just pray we are equipping her well to be able to adapt to regular preschool & be up to date with the other children.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am more than happy to see many of my peers are getting married. However I pray for their unions with the hopes that they understand the seriousness of the commitment they made. Marriage is not just something to do. Marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman for one lifetime. That means be careful that you are getting married for the right reasons. Because not only have you taken vows with the person you married but you have also make a vow with God.

I am seeing too many couples play around with their marriages and its disappointing. Yes there will be trying times but that does not mean you separate because you can't see eye to eye. It means you keep talking and communicating until you can. Clear communication is a major key in any marriage! 

I pray that every marriage is sanctioned and blessed by God. That it sees success & longevity.

Relationship 102

Relationships are like a highway. It goes both ways and it takes some maintenance usually at a cost (tolls) to the patrons of that highway.
So treat your relationships as such. Most of us want a great relationship with a great person. However many of us have no clue as how to get and keep such a relationship.

1. When you get into a meaningful relationship, you drop the Is for We. So that means giving up your selfish me first attitude. Try asking your partner, what makes them happy.
2. Lose the attitude of "What you won't do someone else will!" Please! You're setting yourself up for failure with that attitude. Because guess what? There may be some things your significant other doesn't do that someone else will but there is also some things your significant others does do that someone else won't do.
3. In relationships there is much give & take. So please understand that everyday won't be peaches & creme. But most days will.
4. No one is perfect. Stop expecting perfection! You will never get it. Just expect them to be the person they are, which means they may make mistakes.
5. No one is responsible for your happiness. Someone make contribute to it, but they are not responsible for it. So if you cannot be happy alone, you will not be happy in a relationship. First seek God for your inner happiness and peace.

Relationships are a gift. They are not a requirement. Be careful of the company you keep. Not everyone works well in relationships and many are good for showing their "representative"(the representative is a character a person portrays to gain your trust and adoration, usually the representative is out during the beginning of a relationship)  instead of themselves. One reason why Steve Harvey says institute a 3 or 6 month waiting period usually by then a representative is gone and the real person is out.

And put GOD first in any relationship!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Wisdom is more than good quotes you got from someone else, its more than quoting the bible. Wisdom is the ability to understand these things so that before you have the audacity to speak them you have full knowledge of their meaning. Wisdom is those times that others are shouting and you are quiet as a church mouse observing all that is being said. I have cousins that are deciding to read the entire Book of Proverbs this month. I think its a great idea, I also think because of the wisdom and knowledge they are trying to gain that they should do more than just read it, they need to meditate on it and fully get an depth understanding of the Book of Proverbs.
Wisdom is something many of us want, some think we have, and very few of us actually obtain it. I say pray and ask God for understanding and wisdom. Once you have some level of wisdom & once you start gaining revelational knowledge, you'll start to look many things differently.

Have a blessed Saturday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today was a good day

I must say, I enjoyed the day. From taking my daughter to school to taking a glucose test. I very much enjoyed a lunch date with a girlfriend of mine, that we had fallen out but are now getting our friendship back on track. We both have realized small & petty things are not worthy of ending a real friendship. Because not only do we suffer but our daughters, who are also best friends, suffer with us.

So if you have that one friend or family member you need to get on track with, do it NOW. Before they aren't
here or its too late.

Try this book by Singer/Actor Tyrese:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am reading many different Face Book status' and different tweets on twitter & I must say I am ashamed. I have noticed that many people are treating school as if its an option when it should be a requirement. People are saying "I went back to school & I'm doing good" as if they're supposed to get a pat on the back. No school is what you NEED to be doing because if you plan to live a good comfortable lifestyle, you will need some level of education beyond a high school degree.
This is especially true for the young women who want to live a certain lifestyle but do not want to work for it. Be very certain that these days most men want a wife who is getting her own not just spending his! Which means you become attractive when you have a job, an education, some goals & aspirations. Because beauty alone is not going to cut it, especially if you have a negative attitude or an entitled attitude. Be careful to not only see how some other women live & want that lifestyle before figuring out how they got that lifestyle & how they are maintaining that lifestyle.
Many of us stay at home moms, may not work outside the household, but let me be very clear when I say we are Responsible for everything that goes on in it! From the cleaning to cooking to taking care of kids & doing laundry. So yes we are allotted to enjoy not having to be stressed from work, however we do get stressed from worrying about our house & kids & spouses daily. Some of us are even blessed to have spouses who have been blessed with good jobs so we can go out & look "fabulous". But know there's more to a lifestyle than what you see at any one moment.

For those of you with a dream: Everyone does not make it to the NBA, NFL, MBA, or even to being a major recording artist. So the rest of us who are not as blessed, or have that level of talent need to channel our energies into finding out what area we are interested in & pursue that. If you like money, go into accounting or finance. You love children, try becoming an educator {there's more than early childhood education, there's elementary school, secondary school, & even college level}. Yes many of us have our dreams, however there comes a time when you have to be realistic with yourself.

For instance if you want to become a rap artist but you have no demo nor management, how do you expect to make it happen? Attaining your dream takes more than having the dream & having faith in the dream. It takes some elbow work into making the dream come alive. Even the bible says, faith without works is dead.

So how can you want something & not work for it? Apparently you don't want it bad enough.
Find people who can help you, and more so who wants to help you. Start taking steps toward your goal. You want to play professional basketball, get into school so you can get scouted. Or with football, start in a semi-pro league until you can go to a combine to be scouted for arena or even pro leagues.

I am not saying lose your dream, I'm saying be realistic with your dream. Sometimes you may need to alter that dream to fit your reality of what you CAN obtain.

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