Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life...positivity vs. negativity

Life is full of its little mishaps. However life wouldn't be so up & down, if you learned to be more positive and optimistic. Positivity will always outweigh negativity.
People can be miserable and if they are trying to pour that misery onto your life its because the want what you have, that joy and positivity that they lack. What you can do for them is to wish them peace and happiness. Two things that cannot be obtained by material gain but only through God.
Life has so many people who say that have good "intentions" yet their actions say otherwise. At that point you have to decipher and observe that person because you do not want to be the victim of such an action a second time. You can love a person from a far. You can be on good terms and still not have an "everyday friendship." With today's technology you can communicate without having to actually communicate. Through Facebook and twitter you can send someone a positive message and not have to personally interact with them. Which keeps the relationship friendly and healthy yet keeps them from intruding their negativity into your life.

Negative thoughts and feelings have a way of draining you and draining your energy. You do not have to allow it into your life. You can choose a life stress-free, drama-free, completely positive and full of happiness.

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