Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dreams & Reality

When you're growing up, you have this idealistic view of how marriage would be. You know, how your husband would be, how he'd treat you, how many kids you'd have (or if you even thought that far). But did you ever think marriage would be the way it really is?
I mean when I was thinking of marriage, I thought of my glamorous wedding all planned by me & my mom. I thought of my husband being no shorter than six feet tall with the cutest dimples. I thought of roses on my nightstand every morning and romantic dinners. I thought of long romantic walks that seemed to never end. However the married life I have now is anything but. We have a beautiful yet unpredictable three year old (mine from a previous relationship) and we were both workaholics...well he still is. I'm getting used to not really working anymore..maybe writing an essay here and there but nothing steady or permanent. Yet its still not the life I envisioned. I had dreams of this beautiful home in the suburbs with a yard big enough to run around in. We currently live in the city with high hopes of making it to the suburbs in the near future.
Now don't mistake me for ever complaining, I would never do such a thing. My husband is kind and generous. He's very loving and supportive. And that I wouldn't change ever!

I've just thought about the differences between my dreams and my reality.

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