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Every decision you make has a consequence. And every consequence isn't bad. Some are good. Others are what we need & they come right on time. The point is to be careful of the decisions you make...some can be easily recitifed and corrected & others you spend an entire lifetime trying to figure out what went wrong. I'm trying to prevent myself from being one of those people 20 years from now scratching my head wondering how did I end up like this. I try to communicate more often, communicate more effectively, and more openly. And in some ways it feel as though I am doing right by improving my communication skills & other times it feels as though I'm still not communicating enough. I know I don't always pick up on the nonverbal cues. But if you're going to be married to me, you need to understand that at times I may be a little slow. Like now I didn't know He had been waiting all day for me to get off work to be with me....But why when I get off you a…