Tuesday, June 8, 2010


What is love to you? Is it a noun, a verb or an adjective? Are you willing to show love?

        Those are questions you need to ask yourself when you find yourself ready to utter thee most coveted phrase in a relationship. I love you is so coveted because it explains all the different feelings in a relationship. I love you lets a person know that you love them, that you care for them, that you adore them. I love you is the highest form of verbal intimacy between any two people. And even more so in romantic relationships. Yet it can destroy if it is not used properly. For instance people throw around the phrase as though it means nothing and then wonder what happened when someone gets hurt or try to hurt them for lying.

        When you say I love you...you're letting a person know that you trust them not to hurt you, that you trust them enough to love you back and you trust them enough to always be there & do what's right. Have you thought about love like that? Did you know that when you say I love you, you are entrusting another person with your heart.

          For Instance I love my husband (YES I GOT MARRIED!!!) and really truly love him. I am in love with him. To be in love with him is to trust him to always be honest, to care, to be there, to love me in return, to love my (our) daughter.

        But LOVE is more than that. Love can be a noun...when you call someone your love. Love can be a verb...when you show your love through your actions. Love can be an adjective....when you're describing how you feel.

         I FEEL love everyday. I feel it in his kisses...I feel it in his hugs. That exemplifies my kind of love. He also is sure to verbalize how much he loves me everyday. So not only do I feel it...I hear it everyday. Love puts a smile on anyone's face when they are the recipient of it.

           Love is meant to be shared. You can never be stingy with Love because it's a gift from GOD who commands us to love HIM with all of our minds, hearts, and souls AND to love people. Who shows us how to love. Love can be consistently generated, you are never given just a set amount of it, when you need more, you can instantly have it and give it.

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