Saturday, December 12, 2009


I had a friend of mine just ask on Facebook, what do you do when praying isnt working?
That one question sparked so much thought because I've never heard anyone say they thought praying did not work. I hope she understands that prayer works. God hears everything you say to Him. But sometimes I think we need to change our approach to God. I think there are times when you need to just talk to God. But the problem some of us have is that we'll talk talk talk & forget to LISTEN. Not just hear but listen to what God says to us. Then we have to prepare ourselves for that answer. Because we may not get exactly what we want but He will give us what we need.

So my response to her was:

You talk to God as if he's sitting right next to you. Hold a conversation with Him like you would your girlfriends. God can hear your prayers, your cries, your screams & feels your tears. After you talk to God, BE STILL. You need to be still afterwards in order to hear His response. This may require you to meditate in order to clear and quiet your mind. But you must BE STILL.

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